About Special Worst Date (SWD)

My online dating profile headline is “Looking for that Special Worst Date.” I had no idea how easy that would end up being…

BrookellMy online dating story starts on a particularly optimistic spring day in 2012. I was hopeful, excited, and eager to set up my profile. Mr. Right was out there and to find him, all I needed to do was answer a few basic questions, develop a unique description that captured my intellect, humor, and charm, post some selfies, and begin window browsing.

Online dating was like the Amazon.com of love… or so I thought.

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Jump to 3 boyfriends (only 1 of which I met online) and 2 years later. The excitement has worn off, the hope has faded, and I’ve found myself drowning in ridiculous introductions, outrageous profile headlines, shirtless selfies, and a virtual bar scene with no luck in sight.

The ever-growing number of 10-day budding romances that end in the “Oh, he’s definitely not the one” realizations should earn me some type of world record. I’m at the gates of Jadesville, but rather than grabbing a front-row seat at the “30-Something, Single and Frustrated Gala,” I’ve decided to turn my hell into humor.

What is Special Worst Date?

It’s simple – this blog is my virtual support group, my rant and rave space, my “I MUST SHARE THIS BULLSHIT WITH THE WORLD!!!” creative outlet. Hopefully, you will find comfort here… you’re not alone.

  • Addicted to checking your online dating messages? – I hear ya.
  • Stuck in the vicious cycle of online dating where you hate it, but still use the excuse of “I’m too busy to meet someone offline, so I have to do this?” – Come cry a tear with me, sweetie.
  • Starting to believe you will never find “HIM” online and that the stories you hear about your friend’s, friend’s relationship starting on OkCupid is ALL A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT?! – I think they’re liars too.

Well, swing on by daily and we can laugh and vent together!

Have a ridiculous message or story to share?
Submit your SWD here… hey, we all need to vent!

What is Special Worst Date… NOT?

(Please get that Borat reference…)

Borat High Five GIF1. I have no intention of embarrassing anyone; as tempting as that can be sometimes… (think dick selfies). All photos and profile usernames will be blurred/covered to protect the ridiculous.

2. This is not meant to be a “How to Find Love” blog as honestly… I haven’t a freaking clue how to do that myself. I will post online dating tips regarding safety and ensuring you end up on a date with the person you’re expecting, but beyond that I’m NO Dr. Love.

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Thank you for being part of my “Step back from the ledge” cheer team! I appreciate your time, your comments, and your shares. I truly wish you all the best in love and life and hope you find Mr./Miss. Right!

… And when you do, don’t bullshit me and say you met online.

Love & Luck,