#OnlineDating: If You Ever Forget You’re 30, a 20-Something is Happy to Remind You

One of the many joys of online dating is being reminded of your age. As a 30-something woman, there’s nothing I enjoy more than being ever-so politely reminded (over and over again) that I am:

  1. In my 30’s
  2. Officially considered a MILF
  3. Still desirable to the 20-somethings…

Well, isn’t that special…

Really Making the Point

Some men like to drive the point home more than others…

I hope you don't let my age be a factor.

Let’s count how many times the age factor was referenced in his opening message, shall we?

4 Age References

So, out of the 3 sentences used in the intro message, he chose to make 2 of them about my age… OK, I GET IT!!!! I’m older than you, but I’m hardly the one making age a factor here… Jesus.

This guy was actually quite sweet. Unfortunately, his idea of asking a girl out on a date involved me meeting him AND HIS FRIENDS at a bar… I’m startin’ to make age a factor here, folks.

Do You Like Younger Guys? As In… 2 Years Younger?

And then we have the ridiculous age referencing message where a 29-year-old man asks me if he’s too young for me…

Do You Like Younger Guys?

I have one word for this guy… REALLY?


Based on the “Haha, ya silly” comment, I’m guessing he’s actually much younger than 29… or I’m actually much older than 31.

We didn’t make it past this stage… You: “REALLY?!” Me: “Really…”

These are just a couple of the fantastic age reminders I’ve received over the years. I hope you enjoyed. And remember… if you ever forget you’re 30, a 20-something is happy to remind you!

#OnlineDating If you ever forget you’re 30, a 20-something is happy to remind you.

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Meme - Online Dating Age Reminder

What’s the BEST age reminder you’ve ever received in an online dating message? Share in the comments below!

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