Online Dating Message: So my gf is outta town...

“hey how are you doing tonight? So my gf is outta town you wanna come over and watch a movie?”

So my gf is outta town…

Ok dude, we have two issues here:

1. Wait, did you say your gf… as in GIRLFRIEND?! Just putting it out there, huh? So you’re taken, possibly living with her, and you’re online dating to see who can fill in as your blow-up doll for the evening. What a Romeo…

2. You want me to “come over?” As in, come over to your house and spend the night with a man I’ve never even met before? God, I can hear the echoes from the well now… “Put the fucking lotion in the basket!”

(That was a ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ reference for those of you who hate thrillers.)

As outrageous as this is, I think the more shocking thing is that this is totally just a pick-up line. This guy has messaged me several times, always offering to shower me with gifts and spend money on the fabulousness that is my online profile ;). As those messages failed, this is probably just a new method he’s testing. Which leads us to an interesting question…

Are girls attracted to “taken” dudes? Does this work?! Leave your comments below!

Are girls attracted to “taken” dudes? Does this work?

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